Why Beta Wireless is the Right Choice

Because We are about to Start a Wireless Revolution Beta

Wireless has a proven track record of Opening Stores and being Profitable.

No expenses have been spared and no shortcuts have been taken in understanding the complexity of the wireless industry. We have built our own websites and information systems to make sure all processes are covered from beginning to end.

We see the writing on the wall and the technology industry is at its peak everyday we are more dependents on our devices for staying connected to our world. Companies have kept downsizing but none have listened to the customers like we have.

We understand there are many branded prepaid stores, repair shops, accessory kiosk, contract retailers, and other electronics retailers in the market but none have listened to the market and found a niche like we have. We have repairs, accessories, phones, tablets, and other services and products in a straight forward manner that customers requested and need. We provide a blend of revenue streams from you to gain profit in many creative ways without having to overcharge your customers.

We have setup marketing strategies and sales training to keep us ahead of the curve. We have over 20 years experience from the top of the chain to the bottom we are more connected to our customers, than the nationwide contract providers and we plan on showing you all we know to be as successful as we are. We have traveled all over the world to find great quality products at even greater prices.

We aren’t  a board of untouchable CEOs, we are ordinary people that worked a little extra to break into the Wireless Industry. All the things we will teach you and deploy have been proven by our corporate stores. We have had bumps along the road and learned from our mistakes and don’t want you to go through the same growing pains. We will help you Work to Live, not Live to Work.


Beta Wireless Partnership Options

All Store Layouts were Designed with You in Mind

Beta Store Layout

Our Beta Stores are designed to be colorful and inviting to showcase all our products and entice our customers to feel welcome in our multicarrier concept and also allows for Our Employees to interact with our customers.

Kiosk Store Layout

Our Kiosk locations are custom build to have a wide assortment of products but also be practical for the managers working there to keep everything showcased for the customers viewing.

1000’s of Customers chose Beta Wireless over Contract Providers & Competitors

Join us and Help us Reach this Growing Market.


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